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Contact Relationship Management (CRM) – What Is It?

A Contact Relationship Management (CRM) program is simply a system for how your company does 4 things: Coordinating How New Leads are Handled Tracking Prospect Communications Automated and Personal Activity Automate the Sales Process For Accuracy and Measurement Providing avenues to grow business fewer lost leads more client retention and secondary sales more measurable activity…
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Website Design – Who Needs It?

Website Design services are delivered in a number of different ways and with a number of different restrictions. Over the last several years there has been a push towards more dynamic and smart websites that can deliver a lot more functionality, interaction and optimization than the old custom coded html sites. The use of a…
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Website Design – What is it?

A Website Design program offers a series of technical, creative, and interactive steps that deliver a web resource that does 4 things: Establishes a brand for consumers checking your company online. Engages your visitors the first time and subsequent times they come. Works to establish an online relevance for you to be found by those who…
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Why Having a Social Media Budget Is Crucial

From Myspace, to Facebook, Twitter and sites that are still up-and-coming, social media marketing has evolved into something that is more than a place for the posting of funny cat videos and sharing family vacation photos – it can be used for enhancing your own brand or business at a more personal level. With this…
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