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Why You Should be Using WordPress in 2022

Choosing the right website builder can be tricky because there are so many different ones out there. You need to be able to ensure you are using the correct builder that will fit all of your future website’s wants and needs. One of the most popular and easiest open-source content management systems to use is WordPress. This site combines all types of simplicity for its users and developers to make the process of starting your website easier than ever. Its flexibility and easy-to-use aspects allow you to make all different types of sites. With numerous amounts of features, plugins, and SEO friendly, WordPress is able to turn your dream website into reality.

Free Themes and Plugins:

There are over a thousand themes and plugins that WordPress offers for free. Yes, you read correctly, FREE. Many websites offer different themes, but it takes hours to download them. With WordPress, all you’ve to do is click “Install” and you can customize your theme to make your website something unforgettable.

Various plugins allow you to improve your website in certain aspects that you desire. For example, one of the most popular plugins is “Yoast SEO”. With this plugin, you can directly enter information that will help your SEO on the page you want to improve. Other plugins allow you to make your website faster, create online stores and add contact forms.

Easy to use Functionalities:

Are you scared because you’re brand new to it or it might be your first time? WordPress is like riding a bike; once you know how to do it, you never forget (if you’re reading this and don’t know how to ride a bike, I’m sorry).

WordPress has a very simple dashboard with various menu options that are self-explanatory. Also, WP gives you the ability to create different pages, customize the design, add navigation, etc. to help your site in many ways.

One of the main reasons why users are hesitant about website builders is because of technical issues that they may not be familiar with. But with WordPress, you don’t have to worry because the website regularly releases core updates that you can easily install with one click.

WordPress can be overwhelming at first because it offers so much, but is that really a bad thing? Even though it has many features, they’re all there to make your life easier when creating your website. 

SEO Favorable:

You can have the most awesome and creative website, but it’ll be worth nothing if no traffic comes to your site. Many website builders focus only on making your site look pretty and don’t care about important things like SEO.

With WordPress, search engine traffic always comes first. We won’t get all nerdy on you so to sum up a long story short: WP is loved by major search engines like Google. There’s also a special plugin called “All in One SEO” that’s easy to use and helps your website get more traffic. WP helps you focus on keywords, meta description, and gives you specific advice on what needs to be improved on each page when you install an SEO plugin.

A fast website is the essence of a successful website, especially for your visitors. Waiting for a website to load to find what you want is just as bad as waiting at the Chick-fil-A drive-thru. Luckily, WP is built for speed with lightweight themes, dedicated plugins, and content delivery networks.

Blogging for the win:

As far as WordPress has come, it actually started as a blogging platform. If you want to publish your blogs, WP is the fastest and easiest way to do it. With a few clicks, you can manage your content, view comments, and make any necessary changes.

Blogs are great for SEO purposes and provide engaging content to users who visit your website. The Yoast SEO plugin will help you optimize your blogs for search engines and future visitors so that you get as much traffic as possible.

Just like any other page on your website, you can customize your blog page the way YOU want to. With WordPress, you can design headings in certain colors, insert images, add links, and many more features for your blog page.


It’s 2022 and if you’re not using WordPress for your website, you’re really missing out. WP gives you the power to make your future website a fantastic experience for your visitors. With customization and SEO capabilities, your website can grow in more ways than you ever imagined. WordPress doesn’t care if you’re a beginner because it’s the most user-friendly website on the market and will help you become an expert in just a few weeks. WordPress is the key to a successful website in 2022 and for years to come.

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