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Strategy and planning is at the heart of what makes Power On Marketing different. Lots of companies can make you a great website or run a catchy social media campaign. Our ability to set a vision and make every piece of your marketing cohesive sets us apart. 

Show up the same way everywhere, and you become memorable, trusted and credible. We’ll bring fresh eyes to what you’re already doing and fresh ideas to jump start new strategies.


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It’s almost creepy how well we’ll get to know your customers…

Anyone can give you the demographics of your average customer. Knowing that they’re a 34 year old woman with 2.5 kids isn’t that interesting – or helpful. Some firms will actually meet your customers to learn more about them. 

We’ll call their high school sweetheart, best friend AND mother to make sure you know everything you can about them. We’ll research your market, your competitors and the performance of your current strategy so you’ve got a full picture of where you are and where we can take you. 


Nike, Apple and Starbucks all have one – you should too.

Those brands use a marketing plan to make sure everything they put out looks, feels and sounds the same. Consistency is why you recognize their products, ads and stores the moment you see them.

Power On Marketing will develop a marketing plan to keep your brand consistent and cohesive. Like a taser jolt to an unruly alligator (we’re from Florida, it happens here…) consistent messaging electrifies your marketing and amplifies your voice. 


A little to the left, and reduce the font size…

Yes, it seems fussy and yes, it can be boring. But yes, Virginia, it does make a difference. If you use one logo on the left side of your website and a different logo on the right side of your letterhead, you look like an amateur. And you’re not an amateur, are you? 

Of course not. So don’t look like one. Let us develop your brand guidelines AND make sure they’re being followed. Because they don’t do any good in the back of a filing cabinet. We know that’s where you keep them…


A campaign so coordinated, it’ll ride a unicycle – up stairs.

You’ll be in more places than Starbucks, putting out the same message every one of them. A great campaign can generate buzz, win your audience, and grow your brand…along with your sales. 

A great campaign takes a great plan. We’ve got the right components and schematic for success. We’ll be with you every step of the way, highlighting the best of your brand and bringing insights to transform your campaign into something exceptional.

A free physical for your brand.

Look, we get it. You don’t really want a physical. Nobody likes being poked and prodded by a stranger who’s looking for problems. But that’s what it takes to find out what’s holding you back. If you want to power your brand to the next level, and you’re willing to get uncomfortable doing it, you’re who we want to work with.

Fill out the form below to get started. We’ll warm up the stethoscope and give you a sticker when we’re done…

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