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Finding relevance in the online marketplace begins and ends with a targeted and focused effort on keyword combinations and quality content, which is the focus of Search Engine Optimization. Look at the internet like a chamber of commerce, and the keywords as a representation of the committees, meetings, and other activities you can target for new business development. First thing is that there must be a plan to engage those activities that would give you the best benefit to growing your business, and second is that you must show up and engage those activities in a credible and accountable way. Over time the effort not only puts you and your business in a viable position within the community, that position has been earned and is deserved due to the work put into it. The digital marketplace, unlike some commercials we see late at night, also takes time and focus to become a viable business channel and Search Engine Optimization is critical for long term ROI.

So, our first objective to help define the value to your business Search Engine Optimization can have and how it can deliver results to the bottom line. Here is a quick list of the SEO value that can be expected:

  • Focus your online position
  • Target qualified business opportunities
  • Earn Organic “Free” traffic looking for your services
  • Allows for an ability to analyze web resource performance.
  • Cuts down Performance Based Advertising Budget so company can grow.

So, with all of these benefits available and the ability to finally put a measurable ROI on the performance of your resources it is clear that Search Engine Optimization is important for those companies who have a plan and need a way to measure growth. It doesn’t always have to be a big investment, but if there has never been an effort to engage the search engines with a targeted keyword focus then you can expect there to be a setup fee related to the work needed to edit and organize your existing resources with the appropriate purpose. It is important to make sure that you have a Search Engine Optimization Assessment before you get going as it will greatly improve your ability to keep the hours down to a minimum and save money on development.

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