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As technology improves, so does marketing. Once an art of its own, marketing has now morphed into a hybrid discipline combining art and science to create a powerful tool in the age of digital marketing.

Every team needs balance. Start by implementing automated marketing to transform your firm by delivering personalized messaging that will be more impactful and engaging to your customers and prospects.

• Am I bothering my leads with generalized information?

• Are my emails and campaigns generating sales?

• How much contact and personalization is too much?

• How do you automate touch points in a meaningful way?


Automated marketing platforms allow businesses to monitor almost every aspect of a lead’s journey with your company. From social media and website engagement, marketing asset management, and more, your entire team can access all the information available for any given lead. Knowing exactly which recipients are opening your emails and which parts they interact with will increase internal communication and understanding while providing your team more cognizance to nail the sale.

Tracking insights go beyond single contacts. Once you successfully integrate marketing automation into your business, it will become your one-stop-shop for tracking. Reviewing real-time campaign analytics, specific link clicks, and actionable tasks will help identify activity and trends to increase lead retention.


One of the most useful characteristics marketing automation platforms have to offer is that they use cloud-based technology. Just like Apple iCloud, if you update the platform in one place, that information is now instantly available to everyone who has access. This remote access to lead information on demand is exceptionally beneficial in streamlining the communication between your marketing and sales teams.

Cloud-based marketing automation platforms keep everyone on the same page and allow for transparent, real-time communication across all departments on your team. This leads to fewer mistakes and more opportunities to create dynamic content for specific personas.

New leads, key performance indicators, and additional metrics at your fingertips will empower your sales team to close on personalized packages when the perfect opportunity arises, allowing for a more seamless experience for your customers. Not to mention, simplified metrics will illustrate the bigger picture for your entire team to grasp so you can make data-driven improvements.


Automation is a crucial function to look for when choosing the best platform for your small business. Whether it be mindless administrative responsibilities or building long-lasting sales and marketing campaigns, marketing automation tools are there to help your business succeed.

Marketing automation can benefit your small business by eliminating mindless duties while expanding your company’s horizons. For example, improve conversion rates and keep leads hot with triggers and filters to target individual prospects. Add leads to lists immediately, segment lead nurturing by creating personalized subject matter, and get notified when a lead is ready to buy; marketing automation is genuinely a game-changer!

Automation tools like visual workflows and dynamic landing pages facilitate more personalized content that may be more interesting and informative for that specific client.


Combining multiple tools in one platform gives you a well-rounded idea of each marketing strategy you are using and what works for your business. Taking the insights you gather from automation software and implementing changes accordingly will boost your engagement because your prospects will connect with your work more naturally!

Adopting a marketing automation system will level up your leads, boost your return on investment, and increase client satisfaction, all while improving communication and eliminating busywork.

What is holding you back? If you think your small business could benefit from marketing automation software, reach out today!

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