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A Contact Relationship Management (CRM) program is simply a system for how your company does 4 things:

  • Coordinating How New Leads are Handled
  • Tracking Prospect Communications
  • Automated and Personal Activity
  • Automate the Sales Process
  • For Accuracy and Measurement
  • Providing avenues to grow business
  • fewer lost leads
  • more client retention and secondary sales
  • more measurable activity and analysis

OK, so that wasn’t exactly 4 things anymore than this series of business blogs is going to be 6 topics long when it’s all said and done. The reality behind the solution is that we are in a time where it’s not ok to simply rely on activity alone as a measurement of Salesforce automation success. There are fewer leads in the marketplace, the competition isn’t being lazy anymore, and every contact is valuable even if they don’t close right away.  Along with a great web design services and marketing with SEO, every business needs tools to manage their clients.

It is no longer a smart business decision to rely simply on rolodex, outlook reminders, or pad and pencil methods of trying to keep track on who needs to be called and other activities along the sales cycle. With cost effective solutions now available individual salespeople and smaller local businesses can now afford and manage Contact Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that can help them work more efficiently like a larger institution. With all that is on the line, the monthly expense of this kind of solution is negligible based on the potential return in efficiencies and sales that can be delivered. More to come…

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