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2021 is the year of the customer, no doubt. The idea of digital transformation started as a vision but quickly shifted into our reality one year ago. The ever-evolving world wide web is no stranger to change, yet the demand for digital developments has never been higher.

A pandemic and thousands if not millions of panicking businesses later, if we have learned anything this year, is that we cannot always be prepared for what comes our way. Several web trends that morphed into musts, seemingly overnight, all stem from one main goal improving the consumer experience. A business must win the customer over, and Power On is here to tell you how to implement the top trends into your web development for a successful 2021.


Progressive web applications (PWA’s) are one of the top web development trends we will see picking up speed in 2021. Although they are not new, we are seeing an increase in the implementation of PWA’s due to ease of development and the fact that they do not need to be downloaded for use. PWA’s combine the best qualities of code and wifi-less native apps to create an enjoyable, immersive, and reliable customer experience time after time. Regardless of network availability, or device, the front-end technology of a PWA is always available to the customer. If you need help visualizing an example of a progressive web app- think of the online presence of companies like Uber and Starbucks. These apps are available across devices and desktops for a simple and seamless experience across the board. PWA’s are a no brainer for businesses that have an existing web presence, considering PWA’s fall under the umbrella of the world wide web. As a website, all of the search engine optimization (SEO) work you put in was not in vain, PWA’s are relevant to maintaining your search presence and ranking.Progressive web applications can improve web-ranking and even open new markets for your service.


On the other side of optimization, single-page apps are becoming more useful to those looking for a dynamic, real-time platform to share smaller sets of data. Single page apps or SPA’s eliminate unnecessary navigation by providing all of your data on one screen. Think of Google Maps. A majority of the information within the page will stay the same regardless of where you are trying to go. However, by dynamically altering only certain elements within your page (the destination you need to get to), the app can update at a much faster pace, with a much more user-friendly layout. While a web page may take more than 200 milliseconds to load, SPA’s load almost instantaneously SPA’s are great for a linear user journey but do not count on your single-page app to boost SEO performance.


Convenience is key- which is why cloud-based technology is here to stay. In the age of remote work, the cloud is becoming increasingly relevant and necessary. From marketing all the way to remote medicine, cloud computing has transformed the way we have done business in the last year, and it will only accelerate from here. In 2021, we can expect an emphasis on cloud security as more businesses begin to rely on cloud technology to store and access their data on demand.


Is there anything more user-friendly than being able to tell your phone what you want, and it does it for you? That is why voice search navigation is gaining popularity this year. Statistics suggest by 2020 50% of all searches were voice-activated. Voice search navigation allows the user to search, set up appointments, and buy practically anything just by speaking into their device. The user convenience could benefit you, too. In the coming year, it is vital to optimize your page(s) correctly so that your business is one of the first results on a consumer’s voice search.


Artificial Intelligence and automated solutions have vastly improved in the last couple of years, which is why chatbots are seen much more frequently. Chatbots use the information provided on your page to automate an answer to basic questions for first-timers or any other visitors to your site. In 2021, expect bots to cater more directly to human behaviors. Chatbots with more human elements are more appealing to users, making them more likely to return. Implementing automated chat responses also decreases the need for human customer service representatives, all while improving the customer service experience.


Mobile devices and smartphones have completely transformed internet usage. As technology improves, speed is one of the most sought out features- the faster, the better. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is an open-source framework that was developed by Google that is optimized for mobile browsing and created with speed in mind. AMP’s are meant to help develop websites that limit loading time, increase framework flexibility, decrease bounce rates, and allow for mobile search engine optimization (SEO).

Staying up to date with the newest trends creates a world-class experience for users to look forward to, opens a new range of markets for your services, and improves your web ranking. Reach out if Power On Marketing can help your business implement any of these trends.
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