Acquisitions & Strategic Partnerships

The business world has a mind of its own.  Some people get into business by doing what they love (designing, developing, social, photography, selling products online) and because they are good at it their company grew to the point they are no longer doing the part of the business they love.  That is where Power On comes in, our owner is a turnaround expert with decades of acquisition experience. His focus is helping businesses reach their full potential by focusing on the business while the marketing experts at Power On do the rest.

If you have quality marketing clients and don’t want to manage your business anymore or you have a mid sized operation, e-commerce business in any industry or a marketing company that is underperforming and want to grow to the next level, let’s see how Power On can help.

Here are a few ways we have helped other entrepreneurs:

  • Full Acquisition of the company or the assets.
  • Partnership with joint ownership where we run the business while you focus on what you love to do.
  • Strategic partnership where we take the services you don’t like to provide and we give you more of the services you do like.
  • Revenue Share for the life of your customers.
  • Profit share for the life of your employment.
  • Other creative deal structures.

Bottom line we are great at finding ways to help you achieve your goals while doing what you love to do.


Power On Marketing