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5 Social Media Trends for 2022

Want to stay ahead of the game on social media? A solid social media presence is very important, and trends are always evolving and growing different ways to engage your audience. Using these trends are a great way to get people involved and increase engagement. Check out these new trends to spice up your social media presence.

1. Video Content –

With the success of TikTok, other platforms like Instagram and Facebook have spiked their video content with clips like Reels to engage audiences. It’s predicted that by 2022, more platforms will include videos in their social feeds. Short videos have become a trendy way for brands to sell their products in an entertaining way. Video content is one way to increase your engagement and join the trend.

2. Behind the scenes content

With the video and TikTok trends comes behind-the-scenes content. Many small businesses have jumped on the trend and are showing the behind-the-scenes of how their products are made. Just as the do-it-yourself trend was popular a few years ago, customers are getting a glimpse into how their products are made and how their company operates. The customer can get more involved in the products, which increases sales and followers.

3. Interactive Posts

Interactive posts have increased in the last year as more and more people work from home or even from their cell phones, and this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. This trend is popular on Facebook and Instagram, but LinkedIn has also expanded its survey-like posts. Interactive posts are a great way to gauge your followers’ reaction with a simple slider or poll. Offering your followers something fun like a quiz or poll will increase their engagement and give them something to look forward to.

4. Shoppable posts

As more and more businesses turn to social platforms to share their products and reach customers, shoppable posts make it easier for customers to shop from their phones. With swipe features, embedded product links, and automatic product tagging, you can seamlessly connect your ecommerce brand to your social media by tagging images of your products in your posts for direct purchase.

5. Carousels

Carousels are still new to social media, but they’re growing in popularity on Twitter and Instagram, and are predicted to become even more popular by the middle of 2022. A carousel is a series of 5-10 texts or images in a single social media post that can be viewed by swiping or clicking. It’s a way to show lots of content, but only in one post, either for education or entertainment. It’s very popular with photographers showing multiple images from a photo shoot, or clothing brands introducing a new line or collection.

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