As our highly creative and witty writer, Content Writer and Social Media Specialist Hannah Hubner creates content that can be tailored to convey the exact message that you would like to get to your targeted audience in visions of prose that would make Shakespeare jealous… or maybe just your competition. In other words, her carefully crafted content will ensure that your intended message resonates with your ideal audience and customer base. Even though social media has made her start consciously thinking in shorter sentences, she enjoys being able to connect businesses with their customers in such an accessible forum.

As predictable as it sounds, Hannah enjoys reading and writing among other hobbies in her spare time. She has also played the violin for over 14 years and performed with a number of honors orchestras in Florida. A graduate of the one and only Florida State University (no bias here), Hannah received her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English with a specialty in Editing, Writing, and Media.