From books to brochures, newsletters to magazines, and even DVD scripts and podcasts, Power On Marketing Director of Content Marketing Floyd Kemske is a master of the written language. His method is simple when it comes to writing: gather the attention of the audience while still getting the main point across to the intended client. In layman’s terms, he basically writes things that people will want to read instead of the boring fluff people seem to cram into business writing.

Before joining the Power On Marketing team, Floyd worked as a Creative Director for Amergent, a fundraising agency. He led his creative team to over 40 awards for creative excellence from the New England Direct Marketing Association and other organizations. Floyd also spent time working for Communispond, where he created an award-winning business-to-business campaign that boasted a 1,500% return on investment. No, that percentage is not any kind of typing error – Floyd is just amazingly talented enough to create a simple, yet innovative series of marketing postcards that proved to be a massive success. Floyd has also worked as a freelance copywriter and co-wrote a textbook about writing direct marketing copy, entitled Write On Target. (He loves a good pun.) Working as an editor and writer in business publishing, he has written over an estimated quarter-mile of column inches in his career span. Floyd is also the author of six published novels.

In his downtime, Floyd likes to slow down by speeding up – he trains for triathlons in distances from sprint to half-marathon and has made it to the podium for his age group 15 times. He is ranked 147th in a nationwide ranking for his age group by USA. Run, Floyd, Run!