Social Media Marketing

Get with the times.

Social Media is so much more than a place for selfies, stalking celebrities, or “dog shaming” videos. It is a virtual meeting ground on which companies can put out information, reply to questions and concerns, and interact with customers in a way that has never been able to be done before. Nowadays, it is possible to tweet a complaint to a company and have a response in just a few moments. Customer service and the connection between client and company has become an instantaneous relationship that is available at all times. This new level of personalization not only allows us to communicate more effectively, but it also allows the “New Customer” to see content the instant that it is digitally published. Information is received at a more effective pace and can be easily shared, also known as going “viral.”

The customer connection.

Social Media Marketing also creates a customer service bridge of an unprecedented scale. In a traditional setting, customer service consists of calling a telephone number, emailing a support team, or complaining in-store. This type of customer service should be called “hassle service.” Social media creates a forum in which customers can sent a tweet or write a comment, and then see a response at a comparably instantaneous timeframe. This allows for timely solutions to an otherwise frustrating process.

A simple solution for real results.

In what other ways will social media benefit your business? How do higher conversion rates and brand authority, improved brand recognition and loyalty, increased inbound traffic, better SEO, and improved customer insights sound?

With our social media services, we will make sure that your profiles are full of engaging and interesting content marketing to make sure that your virtual audience members are converted into loyal customers. We also ensure that your voice on these social platforms is consistent with that of your brand, so that your customers will not know that you have any assistance.

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