Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Think of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as the comrade in arms to search engine optimization (SEO), as their end goal is to improve visibility and rankings in search engines across the World Wide Web. Where SEO is naturally organic and free, SEM costs money for each click, impression and conversion to give you an accurate return on investment with immediate direct responsive results.

Tools of the trade.

SEM utilizes tools such as Google Adwords PPC, Bing Webmaster Tools, Facebook advertising, Press Releases, Email Marketing Campaigns, and other means for marketing.

Pay per click marketing can give you the tools to generally broaden your audience or specifically target them based on factors like gender, interests and what time they ate their dinner. Well maybe not that specific, but you get the point. This allows you to see a transparent return on your investment at a much quicker rate than traditional SEO.

(Key)words to the wise.

Before any pay per click marketing can be even considered, extensive and thorough keyword research must be done along with a creative website design. This is where our SEO and SEM experts will do a thorough assessment of your business, brand, and goals to find the terms that best exemplify you to your target market. These “keywords” are the terms that people are literally typing into the search bar when trying to find information. We do research to see which key phrases and words are searched the most, and then apply the relevant finds to your business’s content. It’s all about getting the right kind of visitors clicking on your links.

Why is Google judging you?

SEM also works to improve your website’s quality score assigned to you by Google. However, you may be asking what a quality score is and why another website is judging you? A quality score is the numerical value assigned to your website by Google on a scale from one to ten. Think of Google as a quality snob who only wants the best and highest valued websites in their rankings in this situation. This score is derived from the analysis of the keywords that you are targeting and their value, the advertisement that is created based upon these keywords, and the landing page created through website development, which users are met with once your ad is clicked on. After evaluating these initial elements, Google then assesses how well your content is received by checking your page bounce rate and engagement rates. This quality score is very valuable in the field of advertising. For scores of 8 or above, Google will reward you with a lower cost per click in pay per click advertisements because of the value that your website and ads create. This essentially gives you twice the value for your money and lowers the overall budget due Google’s snobby tendencies. A search engine is rewarding you... oh, how the times have changed.

The performance of every advertisement, even down to the keyword level, is driving in the customers and value that you want to your ads. So, when you head into battle in today's online marketing world, remember to load up on both SEO and SEM strategies as ammunition to swarm the competition in positioning yourself in front of the customers. It is only then you are able to offer them the best products and services from your business and be a success.