Website Design – Why Should You Care?

We have been working on a series of details to help educate and inform about the features, attractions, and benefits of a Website Design service. With all the near term and long term benefits a well designed and organized website can provide to your company the benefits should be very clear. Not only will the site affect your immediate ability to address prospects and clients more efficiently, with an eye for the digital footprint that is being created the site also can end up lowering your monthly marketing expenses.

Disclaimer 1 - an investment in website design must be part of a thoughtful coordination of near term and longer term benefits. An investment in the site without these features in mind will be an overspend of money that should go to other bills.

Example of Website Design Savings:

It is important to note within the above diagram that we have simply put together a simple cost analysis using our base price for website design services and that the lowered quarterly performance based advertising expense is due to the optimization that is part of website design, which will provide qualified organic traffic. The organic traffic results in a lowered need to pay for performance, then more decisions about budget and marketing expenses become possible due to that initial investment in a strong digital foundation.

Bottom Line: Efficiency goes up, Revenue goes up, Costs go down as it relates to online marketing. Is there anymore reason or a better time in history to be looking into resources like this seriously?

Disclaimer 2 - Although the actual performance and long term value of website design are measurable, they will be different for each company and also are affected by how your company chooses to promote and use the website within normal salesforce activity.