Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Who Needs It?

Search Engine Optimization services are delivered in a number of different ways and with a number of different methodologies depending on the vendor. It's one of the most dynamic of services that can be offered as the Search Engine algorithms change monthly and best practices of this year will likely be outdated next. Ultimately it's the series of strategies and targeted practices that will deliver organic search engine placement and any company that pays attention to budget is a candidate for the service.

The use of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services is for the direct purpose of getting placement for select product, service, and geographic keyword combinations that consumers use when looking for education or services you offer. In the past the strategy was called "Keyword Stuffing" which meant you put as many versions and permutations of words possible on every page of your website and that got you ranked. But over time the Search Engines have gotten competitive and the ability to "cheat/stuff" the system has been eliminated with smarter formulas that deliver better search results. Also, as consumers have gotten more savvy about how to use search engines the keyword combinations that have enough volume to merit attention change and these issues along with others justify Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as an integral part of your online marketing strategy.

So to the point of the question, Who Needs It?

  • Large Companies
  • Small / Medium Sized businesses
  • Local Entrepreneurs
  • Highly Competitive Industry Participants like (Financial Planning, Insurance, Legal Services, Real Estate, and Accounting).

So lets dig into this a little more. Search Engine Optimization is the process of targeting the core pages of your website, links, images, and content around specific keywords that are relevant to your desired prospect. With a targeted effort from the initial development of your website and in subsequent months the increase in traffic and reliance on performance based advertising is greatly diminished. Most existing sites have unfortunately either not been properly optimized for current keyword combinations or are still using old methods which are outdated and ultimately are costing your site positioning as it is seen as "Spammy" to the engines.

So a Search Engine Optimization service is essential for all businesses that want to compete within the high volume, ultra competitive, and fast paced digital marketplace. Strategies are changing and it's important to use a proven and flexible service as static models will become outdated and if the company your using isn't dynamic your efforts will get lost and proven valueless. Power On Marketing has a Search Engine Optimization Service that is flexible, proven, and targeted for the future.