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Leveraging Technology to Manage Customer Centricity

Taking the knowledge you have gained by evaluating and defining your ideal clients needs (see Creating a Customer Centric Business Model), and determine how to leverage technology to provide the level of service expected in a cost effective way.  There are a lot of choices when it concerns what technologies are worth the effort to…
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Building a Customer-Centric Business

In today’s day and age it has become more imperative than ever to build strong meaningful relationships with your customer base.  The days of selling a product or service and moving on to the next client are over if you wanted to keep loyal customers?  With the events of the last decade (9/11, Katrina and…
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Search Engine Optimization – How Will It Improve Your Business?

Finding relevance in the online marketplace begins and ends with a targeted and focused effort on keyword combinations and quality content, which is the focus of Search Engine Optimization. Look at the internet like a chamber of commerce, and the keywords as a representation of the committees, meetings, and other activities you can target for…
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