Who We Are

    Built as a team of experts in each of their respective fields, Power On Marketing has brought together the top talent in the industry to support our clients.

    Our expertise and strong understanding of business is used to help our clients express who they are and how they can help current and potential customers achieve success. Most of our team has owned a business at one time or another, which means that we know what it really takes to make a business work. With that in mind, we make every marketing decisions based on whether it is a worthwhile investment.

    Marketing is no longer a nebulous area of business, especially in the field of Internet marketing. Utilizing the tools available today along with proper research, results have become not only measurable, but also predictable. A large number of the people we meet, who then turn into clients, are frustrated with the complete lack of transparency and insights that their current marketing partner provides in order to justify their fees. To make matters worse, the traffic and leads that they do provide aren’t enough to drive the growth plans of their clients. In an industry with so much unpredictability, we felt it was our obligation to build something better. Our mission at Power On Marketing is to change the dynamic of the marketing industry by combining a seamless customer-focused service with dependable results that will drive the growth projections of our clients.

    It is this motivation and commitment to client success that drives us to hire and retain the best talent in the industry. It is not enough to just be the best website developer or SEO expert to work at Power On Marketing - you must know how your expertise works with the rest of the team to drive the results that our clients need and depend upon in order to reach their growth objectives.


    Our Staff

    • Floyd Kemske

      From books to brochures, newsletters to magazines, and even DVD scripts and podcasts, Power On Marketing...

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    • Hannah Hubner

      As our highly creative and witty writer, Content Writer and Social Media Specialist Hannah Hubner...

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    • Nicolás Guglielmi

      Nicolás Guglielmi, or “Nico,” is our very own team leader in website development.

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    • Kelia West

      While most kids spent their time playing games on the computer, Kelia West was getting her first taste…

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